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Fred Bahnson

Fred Bahnson is a writer, permaculture gardener, and pioneer in church-supported agriculture.

Nicole Betancourt

Nicole Betancourt, a New York-based, Emmy-award winning filmmaker, mobilizes urban parents to create a sustainable food system through childhood nutrition and education.

Alethia Carr

Alethia Carr, Maternal and Child Health Director at the Michigan Department of Community Health, is working to address food deserts in cities like Detroit.

Debra Eschmeyer

Debra Eschmeyer, food justice and school food maven, promotes access to healthy food for all.

Andy Fisher

Andy Fisher, the Oregon-based director of the Community Food Security Coalition, focuses on bridging food security with federal programs.

Shalini Kantayya

Shalini Kantayya, a Brooklyn-based film director, examines water access, nutrition and agricultural issues affecting present and future generations.

Erin MacDougall

Erin MacDougall, of Washington's King County Public Health Department publicizes the impact of food policy on children's health.

Sean Sellers

Sean Sellers, a founding member of the Alliance for Fair Food, is raising awareness on farmworkers' rights and promoting socially responsible purchasing by food corporations.

Elizabeth Ü

Elizabeth Ü, founder of Finance for Food, promotes investment opportunities in healthy food systems.

Meet the Fellows

Kimberly Seals Allers

Kimberly Seals Allers, an award-winning journalist and author, is a champion for children through her work advocating increased breastfeeding in the black community.

Ideas in focus

Cultivating Leadership and Equity in the Food Movement

April 2013

The IATP Food and Community Fellows Program is coming to an end, but it's springtime for our work growing equity in the food system and cultivating diverse leadership in the movement.

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