IATP Food and Community Fellow Roger Doiron believes that every garden is a revolutionary act--or, to borrow Roger’s apt pun, “ a subversive plot.”  He recently spoke eloquently about these views and the work he does with Kitchen Gardeners International, his nonprofit garden advocacy project, at a TEDx conference in Portland, Maine

TED and TEDx talks are dedicated to “Ideas Worth Spreading,” but Doiron is more focused on “seeds worth spreading”: namely, vegetable seeds. In this talk, he outlines the many ways that backyard gardening can counter some of the more daunting challenges of the 21st century, including social injustice, global warming, and peak oil. 

But he also stresses that the transformation begins with the gardener, who gains much more than just food from this undertaking. He explains that “when we encourage people to grow some of their own food, we’re encouraging them to take power into their hands”

Roger Doiron has big ideas and a knack for articulating them, but he also shows off his sense of humor throughout this engaging presentation; doom-and-gloom environmentalism this is not. He calls gardening a “healthy gateway drug to other forms of food freedom,” because it can lead you down a long road of addiction to good food, cooking at home, and farmer’s markets.

Visit Kitchen Gardeners International to to find out how to help get new people hooked on the empowering, liberating gateway drug of gardening.