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Growing Food

A Tale of Two Species

By Jane Black
Posted August 1, 2011

While blue crabs are finally thriving in the Chesapeake Bay, menhaden, a little-known member of the herring family, is in very bad shape.

A Stimulus Plan for Seafood: Tear Down Those Dams

By Paul Greenberg
Posted July 25, 2011

The ruins of the Industrial Revolution block rivers and streams throughout the Northeast—leaving fisheries in ruins, too.

Why Wild Salmon Is Worth the Fight

By Nicole Betancourt
Posted July 21, 2011

Next year, developers plan to apply for permits for the construction of America's largest open-pit copper and gold mine, in the heart of Alaska's most valuable salmon runs. It's not too late for us to stop them if we act now.

Back to the Future of Farming

By Nina Kahori Fallenbaum
Posted June 10, 2011

Financial and cultural survival on three Asian American family farms.

The Perennial Plate visits Francis Thicke's "Lucky Cows"

Posted May 19, 2011

Francis Thicke was featured in the first episode of The Perennial Plate's Real Food Road Trip.

Wes Jackson on the Need to Reinvent Agriculture

By Fred Bahnson
Posted February 9, 2011

The sustainable agriculture movement has gone mainstream and made tremendous improvements to problems in agriculture, but we have yet to address the problem of agriculture itself, a ten-thousand-year-old bad habit that Wes Jackson believes is humanity’s original sin.

Victory Gardens: Then and Now

Posted November 8, 2010

The latest episode of Growing a Greener World, a new PBS television series, explores the modern Victory Garden movement and features Dr. Rose Hayden-Smtith.

Genetically Modified Salmon: Everything You Need to Know

By Paul Greenberg
Posted October 7, 2010

So what kind of salmon does Uncle Sam want?

By Mark Muller
Posted September 22, 2010

FDA could approve unlabeled genetic engineered Atlantic salmon any day now, and our most productive wild salmon run is at risk. Best selling author Paul Greenberg asks if these are the choices that we want our government to make.

Don't discount the benefits of a locavore diet

By Mark Muller
Posted September 13, 2010

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Jane Black

Jane Black is a food writer who covers food politics, trends and sustainability issues.

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The IATP Food and Community Fellows Program is coming to an end, but it's springtime for our work growing equity in the food system and cultivating diverse leadership in the movement.

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