Executive Director, Community Food Security Coalition
Portland, Oregon

After many years of work with both food security as well as urban planning, Andy Fisher became the proud co-founder and Executive Director of Community Food Security Coalition, using his prior involvement to launch and support the community food security movement through federal food policy advocacy. Through the Community Food Security Coalition, Andy has developed an innovative perception of community food security and has presented this vision through conferences and organizations. The Coalition has grown to a staff of eleven and a budget that has elevated to $1.5 million, creating possibilities for collaboration with donors, government agencies and media. Through organizing conferences, Andy has been able to spread his new program that brings farming to the forefront of education and food assessment.

Andy has been published in a variety of works ranging from his own Community Food Security Coalition publication to an article, Community Food Security: A Promising Alternative to the Global Food System, in the Island Press. Serving on the Board of Directors for a variety of programs, including the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture and the Ocean View Farms, Andy got the necessary exposure to move forward and direct his own coalition effectively.

Now focusing on his home life, Andy has turned his professional attention to childhood nutrition as well. Challenging the current food systems and the availability of healthy and affordable food will be an issue Andy will confront. Developing innovative ways to improve the nutritional value of school lunches is Andy's future goal, as well as finding the most effective ways to eat locally grown food within a balanced diet.